Industrial plans for Ningaloo’s Nursery are even worse than the developers have been letting on. 

Subsea 7 now says there’ll be far more seabed disturbance and even more land clearing than previously admitted. Seabed disturbance from towing massive pipes through Ningaloo’s Nursery has now been revised upwards by 1464 hectares and onshore construction will destroy another 7 hectares of vegetation. 

These last-minute changes essentially reveal a new project with much heavier environmental impacts.

The assessment process should begin again from scratch. 

With new science showing the impacts heavy shipping and industrial disturbance will have on marine mammals in the Gulf, the EPA should reject this proposal completely.

But the public has been allowed only 7 days to make submissions to the EPA about these last-minute changes.

So if you’re concerned and you want to have your say, click the link and ask for this proposal to be ASSESSED at the highest level of PUBLIC ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW.

The EPA should start this assessment again and reject this proposal because its environmental impacts are totally unacceptable.

Speak up for Ningaloo’s Nursery

What you need to know about the EPA form

  • Ask the EPA to begin this process again from the beginning because it’s essentially a new proposal now
  • Ask the EPA to reject Subsea 7’s proposal because its environmental impacts are unacceptable

  • Tell the EPA Exmouth Gulf is a globally significant ecosystem that requires more protection, not more pressure

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