Image credit: Blue Media Exmouth

The latest: A company called Gascoyne Gateway wants to build a major deepwater port near Exmouth. Yes, you read that correctly! The project would involve the construction of a causeway and pylon wharf about 1km long, and dredging of seabed habitat. It would attract massive ships (such as mega cruise liners, oil and gas support vessels, bulk cargo carriers and fuel tankers) deep into the Gulf. The more we learn about this proposal, the more concerned we are about it – and so are scientists, Exmouth locals and tourist operators.  You can find out more here about the wildlife and habitats at risk.

Meanwhile, directly across the Gulf from Exmouth in a remote area that is completely undeveloped, a global multinational called K+S Group proposes to construct a large salt production and shipping operation which poses risks to the significant environmental values of this area. 

This all means that despite the amazing news about Subsea 7, our work isn’t over, but it’s heartening to know that for now, our voices are being heard. 

December 2020: On 7 December 2020, Subsea 7, the global oil and gas services company that proposed to build a large pipeline fabrication facility and towing operation in Exmouth Gulf, announced it was withdrawing its plans.

This is a major victory for Protect Ningaloo, the local community and for ocean lovers around the world. Our campaign started in Exmouth, driven by concerned locals, three years ago. While still deeply connected to the town and the region, the campaign quickly grew across WA and Australia, and it also has international supporters. Tens of thousands of people signed our letters to the WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and members of parliament, shared our social media posts, bought a t-shirt from our market stalls or proudly displayed our bumper stickers – every bit helped and we are so grateful for your support.

August 2020: The WA Environment Minister, Stephen Dawson, put on hold the Subsea 7 proposal. The Minister also instructed the WA EPA to undertake a broad assessment of the Gulf. This review will assess the environmental, cultural and social values of Exmouth Gulf, and determine the cumulative impacts of current and proposed activities and developments in the Gulf. This is due in mid-2021.

August 2020: The Federal Government announced it had removed the vast areas off Ningaloo, Shark Bay and the Abrolhos Islands that it had nominated in May 2020 for new oil and gas exploration. More than 30,000 people had signed our letter calling for the Federal Government to spare these areas from the impacts and risks of oil and gas development. Thank you for acting to help achieve this great result!



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