Ask the Premier to protect Ningaloo’s Nursery

New study of Exmouth Gulf reveals staggering biodiversity

A report by Dr Ben Fitzpatrick and 15 colleagues provides a crucial overview of the Gulf’s high conservation values and joins the body of scientific work that’s been calling for proper protection of this ecosystem since 1974.  

The new review finds that Exmouth Gulf supports at least 1800 species of fauna, including

  • 790 species of fish
  • 63 kinds of sharks and rays
  • 173 species of crustaceans
  • 95 species of birds
  • 28 species of marine mammals  

The Gulf is revealed as

  • one of the world’s most stable populations of endangered dugongs
  • the largest humpback whale refuge anywhere 
  • having huge unmodified mangrove forests
  • one of the last intact arid-zone estuaries on the planet 
  • a global hotspot for sea snake biodiversity

The extraordinary scope of the findings in this study confirms Exmouth Gulf as a globally significant ecosystem. 

Despite all scientific advice, no government has acted to protect Ningaloo’s Nursery.

But you can play a part in finally making this happen. Urgent action is needed now becausethe Gulf faces imminent industrialisation by Subsea 7 which plans to drag enormous gas pipelines and ballast chains through the Gulf. This proposal is wildly inappropriate and must be stopped.

Ask the Premier to draw a line in the sand at Exmouth Gulf.