Ask the Premier to protect Ningaloo’s Nursery

Help us stop plans to industrialise Ningaloo’s Nursery

Exmouth Gulf – Ningaloo’s Nursery – is one of the rare places left on the planet still bursting with wildlife. Right now, humpback whales are nursing their newborn calves in the calm, warm waters of the Gulf before the arduous journey to Antarctica.

Recent scientific surveys have revealed Exmouth Gulf is even richer in biodiversity than previously thought and confirm its status as a natural wonder of global importance.

But Exmouth Gulf is now threatened by industrial development.

Unfortunately, a multinational oil and gas services company, Subsea 7, plans to construct a pipeline fabrication facility in a natural, wild part of the Exmouth Gulf, and drag and tow enormous gas pipelines and ballast chains through some of its fragile habitats.

The Gulf is intricately connected to the magnificent Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage area and generator of much of the region’s thriving tourism industry. It’s so important that we do everything we can to protect the vulnerable Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf ecosystem from the avoidable threat of industrialisation.

Please consider adding your name to our letter asking Western Australia’s Premier, Mark McGowan, to step in now to stop industrial development in Exmouth Gulf.

We’re asking the Premier to take strong action for nature’s sake and for all the jobs that a healthy Exmouth Gulf and Ningaloo will continue to support if we take care of this precious ecosystem.

At a time when coral reefs, mangroves, and populations of whales, dolphins, dugongs, sharks, rays, seabirds and turtles are threatened in many other parts of the world, there is even more reason to relieve the Gulf of unnecessary stress.

We need to take urgent action now.
Ask the Premier to draw a line in the sand at Exmouth Gulf. To act in the interest of nature and jobs, now and the future.