Face-to-face with Ningaloo’s living miracles

Face-to-face with Ningaloo’s living miracles

Oct 13, 2018

“Places like Exmouth Gulf are vanishingly precious. They help keep our natural estate and our world heritage assets alive. They challenge and feed our scientific knowledge. And they help keep ordinary citizens sane. So, this development is an awful prospect, a disaster in the making.” See Tim Winton’s story in The Guardian and The Observer.



Vessels pose risk to whales in Exmouth Gulf

To avoid predators, mother and baby humpbacks communicate in 'whispers'. But Prof Lars Bejder suggests more large vessels and increased noise in Ningaloo’s nursery will ‘mask’ humpback whale communication. That means mothers won’t hear their calves, and...

Mangroves are crucial. But they’re disappearing.

They might be considered “the armpits of the oceans”, but mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass are crucial in the fight against climate change. Watch this report on ABC’s 7.30 featuring the inspiring Dr Peter Macreadie and Protect Ningaloo science...

Business as usual is killing our country

“Experience has taught citizens that when it comes to defending the places they love, every step of the process is weighted in favour of the corporation. Planning is often a closed-door affair, as it has been at Exmouth Gulf. Access to information is...

If you love Ningaloo
it’s time to step up
and defend it.