Have your say on Exmouth Gulf's future

The Environmental Protection Authority assesses Exmouth Gulf.

In August 2020, the WA Minister for Environment requested the EPA to provide strategic advice under Section 16(e) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) on the potential cumulative impacts of proposed activities and developments on the environmental, social and cultural values of Exmouth Gulf.

The cumulative impact study is scheduled for completion by the end of June 2021 and will take into account a number of new and existing potentially significant proposals in and around the Exmouth Gulf.

The Minister expects this strategic advice will be material to consideration of the EPA’s final reports on the Subsea 7 Pipeline Fabrication Facility proposal, the Shire of Exmouth scheme amendments and current and future proposals in the Exmouth Gulf area. “The Minister has determined that new, and in some cases very recent proposals, such as the Gascoyne Gateway Cruise and Multi-Use Marine Facility, K+S Salt proposal and Learmonth pipeline fabrication project have the potential to significantly add to these impacts.”

If you value and want to protect the unique and globally significant environment of Exmouth Gulf, and want to have your voice heard, please write a submission to the EPA.

It’s easy to do –  just copy and paste the EPA’s questions below into your email browser, add your comments, attach any photos/videos you have taken showing how special Exmouth Gulf is, and send your email to the EPA: [email protected]

(Please consider copying us into your response: [email protected] to help with our ongoing work to compile the environmental, social and cultural values of Exmouth Gulf).


  1. What are the values (environmental, social and cultural) you associate or identify with in and around Exmouth Gulf?
  2. What activities do you engage with in and around Exmouth Gulf?
  3. What environmental pressures do you observe in and around Exmouth Gulf?
  4. What environmental pressures in and around Exmouth Gulf affect you/your sector or business?
  5. Are there other activities that are proposed (or likely to be proposed) that you are aware of, which will impact the Exmouth Gulf?


For more information about the EPA’s assessment or to make an online submission instead, visit the EPA’s consultation hub.

Submissions close 5pm 11 November 2020.

In submitting your feedback it is important to note that the EPA may publish all submissions on the EPA website under the name of the submitter. Contact details, including email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers will not be published.

If you would prefer to send a hard copy: EPA Exmouth Gulf strategic advice Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919

Thank you!