Did you know WA has the two largest known aggregations of killer whales in Australia? And one of the spots is Ningaloo! The highly intelligent, extremely fast and fascinating creatures are regularly spotted off Ningaloo and Exmouth where they hunt, feed and play in groups.



Thank you to our killer whale experts for their help with this topic. Conservation scientist Dr Bec Wellard  has been studying marine mammals for 15 years and completed part of her Ph.D field studies at Ningaloo, which saw her investigate the vocal repertoire, social structure, and feeding preferences of Australian and Antarctic killer whales. Marine researcher John Totterdell has been conducting marine research in WA for 30 years. For ten of those years he’s been focusing his research on two distinct populations of killer whales found off the WA coast. One of those populations is a group of about 40 killer whales that frequent the Ningaloo coast every winter.
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This video from John Totterdell shows killer whale Augie off the coast of Ningaloo.