Help us STOP plans to industrialise Exmouth Gulf!

Help us STOP plans to industrialise Exmouth Gulf!

Exmouth Gulf is one of the rare places left on the planet still bursting with wildlife. It’s a sanctuary for dugongs, a place where humpback whales nurse their newborn calves in its clean, quiet waters. The Gulf’s mangroves, seagrass meadows, corals and sponge gardens sustain countless other extraordinary species. But Exmouth Gulf is now threatened by industrial development.

Exmouth Gulf’s reputation as a world-class eco-tourism and research asset is growing. It sustains family businesses and will generate nature-based jobs and economic development for the long-term, but only if we stop it from being industrialised.

Scientific research confirms Exmouth Gulf’s status as a natural wonder of global importance. The Gulf is known as Ningaloo’s nursery and many species found on the Reef rely on the Gulf’s rich, biodiverse environment for their survival.

We need the WA and Federal Governments to take strong action for nature’s sake and for all the sustainable jobs that a healthy Exmouth Gulf and Ningaloo can support in the long-term if we take care of this precious ecosystem.