Science Review reveals Exmouth Gulf’s remarkable diversity

The landmark review of scientific research into Exmouth Gulf finds this “globally significant ecosystem” is home to over 1800 species of fauna and twice as many fish species as Ningaloo Reef. Backed by the IUCN this report confirms Ningaloo’s Nursery as a hotspot for a number of endangered species. This AAP story appeared in all News Ltd outlets including The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Courier-Mail, the Herald-Sun and the Sunday Times.

The Exmouth mystery: where science has barely grazed the surface

A globally significant diversity of wildlife teems beneath the blue surface of Western Australia’s Exmouth Gulf, a landmark report has revealed – but the push to industrialise the holiday region could threaten these species before science even finishes documenting them.

New referral gets proper scrutiny

Your input made a difference! The EPA has announced that Subsea 7’s pipeline facility in Exmouth Gulf will be assessed at the highest level of Public Environmental Review. During its 7-day public comment period WA’s environmental watchdog received a whopping 2498 submissions of which 2359 (94%) called for high-level assessment. You clearly made an impact! Read The West’s article here.

Subsea 7 tries again

Protect Ningaloo campaigner Jeremy Tager says, ‘It’s absurd’ of Subsea 7 to suggest their revised proposal would have environmental benefits. Last week the EPA sent the heavy-engineering outfit back to the drawing board and yesterday Subsea 7 presented another referral which includes over 1800 hectares of seabed disturbance and extra land clearing. Public comment closes Sunday 26 May 2019.

Subsea 7 goes back to Square One

Subsea 7’s proposal to drag giant pipelines and chains through Exmouth Gulf and the Ningaloo
World Heritage Area has been tossed back to square one, Subsea 7 admitted yesterday.

Subsea 7 taps EPA for Exmouth Gulf Concessions

Subsea 7 now says there’ll be far more seabed disturbance and even more land clearing than previously admitted. Seabed disturbance from towing massive pipes through Ningaloo’s Nursery has now been revised upwards by 1464 hectares and onshore construction...

Gulf shores included in new parks plans

The WA government has announced ambitious new additions to the state’s conservation estate, including the former Giralia station and lands on the eastern side of Exmouth Gulf. An encouraging first step on the road to giving Ningaloo’s Nursery the...

Vessels pose risk to whales in Exmouth Gulf

To avoid predators, mother and baby humpbacks communicate in 'whispers'. But Prof Lars Bejder suggests more large vessels and increased noise in Ningaloo’s nursery will ‘mask’ humpback whale communication. That means mothers won’t hear their calves, and...

Prime humpback whale nursery could become site of conflict: study

Recent research suggests that Ningaloo's whales will be at risk from industrialisation. "The recovering population cannot afford to have this habitat damaged or degraded," said our campaigner, Jeremy Tager in The Australian, "It’s a timely reminder that...

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