Conservationists Fear New oil and Gas Facility in Exmouth

Conservationists Fear New oil and Gas Facility in Exmouth

Oct 25, 2018

Fishers, tour operators and environmentalists say Subsea 7’s proposed pipeline facility at Heron Point is “as welcome as a rat on a birthday cake”. See the story by Trevor Paddenburg in The Sunday Times and Perth Now.


Subsea 7 taps EPA for Exmouth Gulf Concessions

Subsea 7 now says there’ll be far more seabed disturbance and even more land clearing than previously admitted. Seabed disturbance from towing massive pipes through Ningaloo’s Nursery has now been revised upwards by 1464 hectares and onshore construction...

Gulf shores included in new parks plans

The WA government has announced ambitious new additions to the state’s conservation estate, including the former Giralia station and lands on the eastern side of Exmouth Gulf. An encouraging first step on the road to giving Ningaloo’s Nursery the...

Vessels pose risk to whales in Exmouth Gulf

To avoid predators, mother and baby humpbacks communicate in 'whispers'. But Prof Lars Bejder suggests more large vessels and increased noise in Ningaloo’s nursery will ‘mask’ humpback whale communication. That means mothers won’t hear their calves, and...

Mangroves are crucial. But they’re disappearing.

They might be considered “the armpits of the oceans”, but mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass are crucial in the fight against climate change. Watch this report on ABC’s 7.30 featuring the inspiring Dr Peter Macreadie and Protect Ningaloo science...

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